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A True Display of Egg-cellence

Firstly, please accept my apologies for the awful pun as this post’s header – I just couldn’t help it.

Anyways… It’s not often that I get speechless and awed by something magical and spectacular. Today isn’t one of those days. Words cannot describe what you are about to see, so I shall just let the following images and videos do the talking. A word of advice; hunger pangs will be evident – you have been warned!

While we’re on the subject of eggs, allow the legendary Jacques Pepin to demonstrate the proper and near-flawless technique of making an omelette. Simply breathtaking.

I’m still drooling over the omelette-split in the Japanese omurice Instagram video…

Source: We Can Watch Videos of Omurice (Japanese Omelet Rice) All Day (First We Feast)


Americans Taste Test Singaporean Food

In a follow-up to their previous video which featured “Singaporean snacks/food”, Buzzfeed has come up with another video that showcases a number of dishes easily and readily available in Singapore’s ubiquitous (but often under-appreciated and overlooked) hawker centres.

The generally positive comments by the men and women in the video instilled a sense of pride in my food-crazed self; comparable to that of hearing one’s national anthem at an Olympic Games medal ceremony.

While we’re on the topic of pride; the comments section of the video is littered with people attempting to be gastronomically patriotic – as expected. Sadly, these individuals have only managed to come off as being silly, petulant, and ignorant: rambling endlessly about the “authenticity” and “originality” of the dishes showcase in the aforementioned video, while making statements about neighbouring nations having better tasting food – all of which reek of emotionally-charged bravado and appear to be nothing more than a vehement expression of what can be considered to be a case of culinary chauvinism.

The burning question on my mind is: Why we can’t just discard the false and misleading label of “authentic” food (what is “authentic” food anyway?) and appreciate food – along with its countless nation/culture-crossing renditions – simply for its multi-sensory satisfying properties?

12 Things You Can Do With An Egg

Eggs have always been a core, but also overlooked, ingredient in many, many dishes. Food, People, Places has come up with a video that illustrates 12 things which you can do with the humble egg – and it’s more than just scrambled eggs and meringues!

Cooking Steak – The Reverse Sear Method

FudeHouse gives an alternative take on a classic – the humble steak. Helmed by Jeffrey de Picciotto (currently Director of Product at the Momofuku Food Lab), FudeHouse features tips and tricks for almost anything food-related. Unfortunately, the website (and its related social media pages – YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, and Facebook) have sat idle for a little too long (perhaps due to other pressing commitments); but the videos are still very much worth a look – or maybe two, or more.

Now, back to the aforementioned “reverse sear” method.

With a decent amount of trial and error (working with different cuts of steak, figuring out the oven’s “temperaments” and “hot spots”, etc), it could work out pretty well for most home cooks for events such as – but not limited to – family dinners and situations which require one to make a good first impression.

However, the same cannot be said for commercial kitchens; cooks and chefs are not likely to buy into this method – think about the deluge of multiple orders (in addition to the steaks), the constant opening-and-closing of oven doors (which would definitely affect the temperature and time to cook the steak as per the video), etc.

Nevertheless, it is still an interesting way of looking at things from a different perspective. I would probably give it a go if I’m yearning for, judging from the video, a juicy piece of steak.

Popping Corn Kernels

Here are snippets of some pretty remarkable stuff – which otherwise would have been missed if not for super-slow-motion video cameras.

Credit: ForGIFs

A related video by The Slow Mo Guys: