Food Truck 2.0 – Le Bistro du Lion

The physical and internal image of a food truck looks set to get a makeover after Peugeot revealed its take on a modern food truck earlier this month. The result of a collaboration between Peugeot Design Lab and French food truck specialist Euromag is Le Bistro du Lion. Equipped with (among many other features) a professional coffee machine that will make most cafe owners green with envy, and a 46-inch screen in which “foodies can watch the chef’s every move”; this brings a whole new meaning to the gourmet food truck dining experience.

Photo: Peugeot

Equally at awe are the folks at Gizmag, who state:

…the many aspects of the vehicle named “Le Bistrot du Lion” cannot be portrayed adequately in one image.

For those who wish to see this exquisite piece of food, food truck, and automotive engineering up close and personal; Peugeot mentions:

The Peugeot Foodtruck was dreamt up and designed by Peugeot Design Lab, the carmaker’s Global Brand Design studio, and dubbed Le Bistrot du Lion. The new restaurant on wheels will take up residence at Milan Design Week 2015 on 14 April, before heading to the French Pavilion at the 2015 World’s Fair, Expo Milano, where the theme will be “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.”

For those who will not be able to make it to any of those aforementioned events, fret not – more images of this exquisite piece of food, food truck, and automotive engineering are available via Gizmag.

As Peugeot makes a statement with such a bold design, it will not be long before other automotive manufacturers ride on this as inspiration for future food truck innovations and designs. Practicality, the relative ease of cleaning up after operations, and maintenance issues would be some of the key factors for any potential food truck owner or franchise to mull and moot about before making a purchase. Nevertheless, many – be it those in the F&B industry or those who frequent food trucks – will still be eager to see what’s next for the food truck industry and culture.


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