Fruits By The Side Of The Road


The streets and roads of Indonesia are often teemed with anything from batik fabrics, gorengan (deep-fried fritters), and mass-produced souvenir keychains. Fruits are also commonly on sale; from sweet, crimson strawberries in the higher altitude regions en route to Tangkuban Perahu, to sinfully decadent mangoes on the streets of Jakarta.

My family and I came across this interesting-looking fruit while travelling from Puncak to Bandung in West Java, Indonesia not too long ago. Hanging in bunches on roadside stalls, it was hard not to notice the eye-catching shades of green, yellow, and tangerine sheen of these fruits.

Our ever-friendly guide Mr Toto (above), informed us that this fruit is, in Bahasa Indonesia, called sawo belanda (pouteria campechiana). Despite its mango-like shape and appearance, it was rather rich and tasted similar to that of the orange variety of boiled sweet potatoes, and had a considerably waxy and slightly fibrous texture. That being said, it became unfortunately cloying and rich, and had us reaching for our bottles of water after a few bites.

Nevertheless, it was still an enjoyable fruit-snacking experience by the side of the heavily plied roads.

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