The Famous “Rooster Sauce”

The gastronomically-inclined in North America rave about this must-have “legendary” condiment in an almost cult-like fashion. I’ve seen it in cookbooks and on numerous cooking shows. But I’ve only had it once before (it tastes like the garlic chilli sauce from Singapore’s chain of McDonald’s (which, some say, is actually Sinsin Garlic Chilli Sauce), sans the pungent kick of garlic) on a burger I put together in the not-so-distant past. I find it to be quite OK; but nothing to go crazy over (and I soon hear a unison of mortified gasps in the distance along with cries for punishment to be meted out against an alleged offence of “hot sauce heresy”).

So, as the army of die-hard Sriracha aficionados assemble to propose stronger plans for a baptisim-by-hot-sauce ritual (of which will soon be bestowed – most likely by brute force – upon yours truly), I shall leave you with this short video by the folks from Hypebeast (they do food too?!) about the humble beginnings of a now well-established and revered American food icon.

(There’s even a documentary about this much-celebrated hot sauce!)


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