Too Hot To Handle

From the shores of our Northern neighbours;

Singaporean lodges police report over fried rice in JB restaurant being too ‘spicy’

It is relatively understood that the naturally-incorporated Singaporean trait of complaining – just like how a “divide-by-2” calculator (a rough guesstimate of Malaysian Ringgit to Singapore Dollar exchange rate) seems to be built-in into Singaporeans’ brains to assess whether a particular product purchased on Malaysian soil is deemed to be “worth it” – shouldn’t be billed as news. However, I find it rather surprising that the police even bothered to entertain this individual who clearly seems to have an intolerance towards spicy food.

Whether it’s a case of an attention-seeking customer, someone with just too much time on his hands, or marketing gimmick by the eatery; I find this simply ridiculous.

*Insert facepalm here*


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