Eat Food, Write Food

Attending the 2013 Singapore Writers Festival (SWF) this past weekend was a much needed breather away from the mess and everything else going on within the confines of my house. Being a self-proclaimed food (and more recently – writing) enthusiast, I attended panel discussions pertaining to food, as well as some others on general knowledge and local history/nostalgia. As compared to the previous year, there were significantly lesser programmes dedicated to food – but I was still fed (no pun intended) with a wealth of information on food, writing and its likes.

Familiar names, such as cookbook authors Sylvia Tan, Christopher Tan, Aziza Ali; food reviewers/critics KF Seetoh, Wong Ah YokeMaureen “Miss Tam Chiak” Ow; and new names Audra Ang and Sharon Wee were present to share their insights and knowledge with regards to their personal experiences and opinions on the ever-changing world of food. Selected books from some of the aforementioned individuals – memoirs, cookbooks, food guides, etc. – were also available for sale at the main tented pavilion situated in the middle of town. Aside from the chilling temperatures courtesy of the massive air-conditioning units and the extreme weather patterns (downpour one moment, bright and sunny skies the next – all within a time-span of less than 30 minutes!), all was well and certainly enjoyable.

Details and ticketing information for the 2013 edition of the Singapore Writers Festival (SWF) can be found here.


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