Treats From The Neighbours

A recent day trip to the southern Malaysian state of Johor yielded yet another round of good food; paired with the great company of fellow food-loving family members.

A variety of piping hot gorengan on sale within the Kip Mart market complex

No trip across the Causeway would be complete without a proper dinner – especially when they have so many eateries scattered all over the state.

Below: Dinner at 6 Corner Senibong Seafood Restaurant

An innovative but sinister-looking contraption used for cracking the shell and claws of the crab dishes

An innovative – but sinister-looking – contraption used for cracking the shells and claws of the crabs

I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve visited Malaysia; be it for a short trip or for a stretch of 4 to 5 nights.  The warm hospitality, friendly town folk, and current exchange rate (at the time of this post, it stands at SGD 1 : MYR 2.55) favours our wallets as well as our hearts and tummies. To add to that, the mountainous greenery and farms along the highways are a sight to behold; as compared to the ubiquitous urban and concrete metropolis where I come from.

The country also boasts a huge number of roadside stalls and street food stalls; selling everything from gorengan to denim jeans and durians to kids’ toys. Being a sucker for unpretentious food, I think more trips to Johor as well as other Malaysian states will be in the pipeline for many years to come.


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