Go for Donuts, But Don’t Go Nuts…

While I’m not a frequent patron of fast food outlets and the likes, I do succumb to occasional guilty pleasures such as donuts (or doughnuts, however you wish to spell it).

Krispy Kreme is set to open their first outlet at the basement level of Tangs Orchard. I first posted about the news back in October last year (my, how time flies!), and according to this news report; it’s now official.

Of pessimists and the “health-conscious”

In another related article, pessimists and the “health-conscious” have already expressed their feelings by lamenting that such food is unhealthy, full of sugar, etc. I can only deduce that this apparent lack of sugar in their diet tends to limit their functioning of the brain to the exposure of words such as “moderation”. It’s not as if the opening of such outlets will force you to eat nothing but these fried dough rings of sugary goodness every single day for the rest of your lives, right? You have literally hundreds of other choices to stuff your belly with, and donuts are only a small fraction of them.

Of pity and anger

Speaking of shallow-minded consumers, I can emphatise with the soon-to-be pioneering group of staff members who have to deal with this island nation’s inhabitants unhealthy obsession over queuing – at times, overnight – at newly-opened (and not to mention, often over-hyped) fashion stores such as H&M, and eateries such as Tim Ho Wan (which has been touted as the cheapest – in terms of the price of their menu items – Michelin-starred restaurant in the world).

I can already envision the self-proclaimed donut aficionado (smartphone and/or tablet in hand, of course) fuming over not being able to get the promotional donut from the “donut-bomb” distribution, while snapping photos of the supposed lack of crowd control – among other petty things.

(related article: Singapore gripped by Hello Kitty frenzy)

Large crowds and the kiasu mindset

So what if you’re the first in line and receive a limited-edition whatever-it-is?

So what if you’re the first one who’s tasted the supposedly legendary/much-talked-about menu item?

It’s not like your photo will be plastered on each and every outlet across the world with a caption saying “Number 1 in line in (insert name of city/country here)”. The ubiquitous and very Singaporean kiasu nature only reflects a true, but often ugly, side of yourself (you people know who you are). Nobody really cares who’s the first, in the middle, or the last one in line.

While it is often deemed to be a good indication that large crowds/turnovers signify a strong following of a particular brand/company/chain, it would only be logical and beneficial (for both the patrons and proprietors) to let the store/outlet stabilise themselves first. You wouldn’t expect a baby to be running a marathon immediately after birth, would you?

Remember; it pays to be patient.


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