A Food-Loving Nation’s Dilemma – An Introduction

With the brouhaha concerning one of Singaporeans most favourite pastimes – eating – being in jeopardy, I feel that local food blogs can and should talk more about food as opposed to just primarily “reviewing” food and eateries and giving them “start ratings” a la Zagat and the Michelin Guide. To be more specific, it (the aforementioned brouhaha) involves the possible demise of Singapore’s hawker centres (think of it as an institution that whips up the most humble and unpretentious palate-stimulating food, all located under one roof – literally) and local food culture.

My primary and undying love for local food has inspired me to introduce a series titled “A Food-Loving Nation’s Dilemma” which circles around the food culture of Singapore; what it is, where is it heading, what can be done to preserve it, etc.

As this series progresses, I am hopeful that both local and international readers will be able to provide their opinions with regards to a unique food culture that holds a special place in the heart of its native citizens.

If the French, Italians and (United States of) Americans can have their brasseries, ristorantes and diners respectively to be extremely proud of, I don’t see why the (underrated and often overlooked) hawker centres of Singapore can’t be this Southeast Asian nation’s gastronomic claim to fame.


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