Makan Time!

Braving the cloudy skies and drops of rain, I paid a visit to the National Museum of Singapore earlier today to have a look at an exhibition dedicated to local food culture.

Makan Time!; Tuck in to Good Design‘ is a project spearheaded by 18 designers from the Little Thoughts Group. Showcasing work from designers of various fields, it gives people a chance to see how others (i.e., those outside the culinary and/or food and beverage industry) looked at local food – and more importantly the local food culture. Familiar scenes and items such as the ashtrays fashioned from condensed milk cans and yusheng platters were on display during my visit to the exhibition.

A short chat with Little Thoughts Group co-founder Tan Lun Cheak (or Lun, as he prefers to be addressed) revealed that the exhibition was to embrace and highlight the local food culture as opposed to just the food on its own. He further mentioned that local food, as an entity, usually gets the limelight; while local food culture has to play second fiddle (to which I agree).

The exhibition is one which takes classic/traditional/everyday items related to local food culture and experience (which we often take for granted), and combining it with contemporary artistic ideas and design. Lun also mentioned that he and his team are looking into putting some of the works into actual production.

I, for one, highly appreciate the time and effort taken by this collective to showcase such works and highlight factors and scenes which I (and surely numerous others) often overlook. This event may even pave a new road for future local hawkers and chefs (e.g., in terms of cutlery and crockery designs), who could take a page or two from the designers’ books.

Exhibition information:

Makan Time!; Tuck in to Good Design
Venue: Concourse @ National Museum of Singapore
Exhibition dates: 12th - 27th January 2013
Time: 10am - 8pm
Admission is free

*photograph taken from and property of

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2 thoughts on “Food-Art

  1. Tah Ching 21/01/2013 at 5:35 PM Reply

    Hi Hairil,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful write up of our exhibition.
    BTW, we are on for more updates on the group 🙂
    Little Thoughts Group

  2. hairilsukaime 21/01/2013 at 9:46 PM Reply

    Hi Tah Ching,

    It’s my most honourable pleasure and the least that I could’ve done with regards to spreading the message across about the local food culture. I certainly hope that ‘Makan Time!’ serves as a catalyst for many more food-themed exhibitions from your team as well as other local artists and food aficionados.

    I’ve also “liked” the aforementioned Facebook page link and eagerly await more updates and such.

    Once again, I thank you and your team for taking time to recognize local food and its culture by means of your art and design works.

    Kind regards,

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