Street Food Fare At Michelin Star Prices?

Local and global street food enthusiasts (myself included) would have probably heard the news. The inaugural World Street Food Congress is set to hit the shores of sunny Singapore in a few months time. Definitely a good step forward for the food-loving island nation.

Though the finer details have yet to be determined and established, one stomach-churning (no pun intended) factor has been confirmed; the ticket prices for the event. Up to S$750 (US$600+) for a “2-Day Dialogue Pass”. It is understood that the likes of Anthony Bourdain and Jean-George Vongerichten would be gracing the event. Makansutra’s head honcho, KF Seetoh, looks to get these renowned names of the Western culinary world to share and exchange ideas with the likes of local and regional gastronomic masters. Justifiable? Not so much, in my book.

I’m still iffy about the rather exorbitant ticket prices – which is one of the factors putting me off from the aforementioned event. Some may argue that you cannot put a price on an indelible experience. However, I feel that it somehow defeats the whole purpose of showcasing and talking about unpretentious comfort food, while having to fork out absurd amounts of money.

Let’s just hope more light (and ticket prices) will be shed as the event date draws nearer.


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4 thoughts on “Street Food Fare At Michelin Star Prices?

  1. Makansutra Singapore 27/02/2013 at 12:10 PM Reply

    Hi Hairil, seems like there’s a misunderstanding. There are 2 components to the World Street Food Congress – a 2-day dialogue and a 10-day jamboree. The point of organizing such an event is to connect and open up fresh ideas for new opportunities in this massive street food industry. Having said that, we are bringing in speakers from around the globe for the Dialogue to share skills and explore opportunities for the indsutry ahead. The Jamboree on the other hand is 10 days of feasting where street food masters from around the world will prepare yummy delights for the public. Expect famous street food icons form Indonesia, China, Thailand to America. Tickets are priced at S$28, you can buy them here

    • hairilsukaime 27/02/2013 at 5:27 PM Reply

      Greetings to the Makansutra team,

      Firstly, I must thank you for taking time to read my rant – of sorts – with regards to the World Street Food Congress.

      Now, I wholly understand that there are 2 components to this inaugural event as you’ve stated. However, I still feel that the cost of the tickets would put off die-hard food lovers/fanatics/aficionados such as myself. While I applaud the team for organizing the more affordable jamboree, individuals who are eager to get themselves involved and share certain ideas (or perhaps just have a listen) in the world of street food – but are not as financially fortunate – will have to sit the dialogue session out.

      I feel that those who fall under the “For the Curious and Food Lovers” and “For the Interested” (in the “Who Should Attend” tab of the WSFC website) are at a disadvantage compared to those who fall in the other categories (whose titles suggest that they are – or are part of a – more financially stable institution and/or can sponsor/be sponsored by others) when it comes to getting their tickets for the dialogue session. (Which was the main reason behind the blog post/rant.)

      Lower ticket prices could have been possible, if you considered doing things at a regional scale first – then subsequently moving on to tackle the rest of the globe. Or perhaps omitting certain “celebrities” from the event in the first place. Just saying.

  2. […] a visit to the Jamboree and probably try some street food from various countries around the globe. Despite my earlier hesitance, skepticism and concerns, I decided to give it a go and hope for the best (much to my delight, snippets of the dialogue […]

  3. […] addition to that, there’s the ticket prices for the dialogue session (which I have lamented on). While I am thankful and appreciate that the local papers covered topics and issues which were […]

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