Aidiladha Across the Causeway – Part 4

The third and final house on our visit was that of an ailing old man. As neither he nor his family members were informed of our intended visit we were left disappointed upon discovering that he was away in another Malaysian state with some of his children to commemorate the Aidiladha period. The only occupants of the small household were his two daughters and their children, who were more surprised of our presence as opposed to our surprise of the owner’s absence. Nonetheless, we exchanged a words, contact information and a few photos during the short stay.

Getting AlongChit ChatA Long DayVroom Vroom

After spending more than 12 hours on the road, everyone in the convoy had an exhausted look on their faces. We excused ourselves and informed the elder of the head honcho’s children that it was getting late and that we wanted to avoid the potential traffic jam that might greet us upon arriving at the customs checkpoint. With final goodbyes and exchanges, we made our way back to Singapore. But that was not before a stop for some late dinner/early supper.


Taking everything into consideration, this short, yet somewhat long, trip made me appreciate the simple and humble lifestyle that is now almost obsolete in Singapore. Simple people with simple needs seem to be more happy than those who have all the luxuries that money can buy. I am envious at the simplicity and humility of such people and this unpretentious nature is usually reflected in the food they have on offer, more so with family, regardless of where they may be in the world. I’ll gladly take the food that was dished out on this trip over the fanciest restaurant money can buy, on any day. Any day.


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