Where Employees and Guests Are Treated As Well As Each Other


Seems that a particular hotel in Singapore is spending big bucks to ensure not only its guests are treated well, but also their employees.

I was a culinary intern at Royal Plaza on Scotts’ Carousel buffet restaurant back in 2007. It was my first proper job and I would never exchange anything for those eye and mind-opening experiences; both in and out of the kitchen. Sure, there were (and there still are) foul-mouthed chefs and rowdy guests but the employees seemed to enjoy doing what they do. What made it even better was that interns, such as myself, were treated as part of the company family and not just another mere statistic or a form of cheap labour. Along with the full-time employees and other interns; I felt humbled, appreciated and recognized. Positive comments and pats-on-the-back given by immediate superiors may be seen as petty, but such casual acts mean a whole lot; especially to a fresh intern who is learning the ropes.

Companies – especially those in the service and hospitality industry – can and should take a page out of Royal Plaza on Scotts’ books to ensure that their employee is treated with the same amount of care and respect as their guests. Incentives, training, perks and benefits would certainly entice current employees to stay on longer with the companies, thus contributing to low employee turnover rates. Such has been proven with numerous human resource studies, researches and theses.

Ultimately, in order to run an establishment you need assets before you can even think of guests; and the most valuable asset would definitely be a team of dedicated and motivated employees.


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