Krispy Kreme in Singapore – Hole-in-One?

Doughnut fans, rejoice!. Krispy Kreme is set to peddle their rings of glazed perfection on our shores.

My first taste of Krispy Kreme doughnuts was in Malaysia’s capital of Kuala Lumpur. In its natural shade of light copper, the Original Glazed doughnut looked rather plain and unappealing, yet it quickly and immediately took my breath away on the first bite. As far as I was concerned, this ring of doughy and sugary goodness had set the new standard for doughnuts all over the world. Nevertheless, despite being a food and beverage chain, can it evoke – and more importantly; consistently maintain – that very same feeling I had onto millions of others when it sets sail in Singapore?

In Singapore, a truckload of hype is commonly paired with eating establishments that are due to open their flagship stores. Such unnecessary pressure and hype tends to garner more attention than normal, and if not handled well, will prove disastrous. Even more so in Singapore, where complains and criticisms seem to be second nature to its inhabitants. However if these companies do get their act right, praises will spread like wildfire via the use of ubiquitous social media, all the way to the ever traditional word-of-mouth. So perhaps the stakeholders should take extra precaution to avoid boo-boos such as those made by the French boulangerie chain; Paul.

Only time will tell whether Krispy Kreme’s main competitors, such as global rival Dunkin’ Donuts and regional chain J.CO Donuts & Coffee, should be shaking in fear as the slice of the doughnut-supremacy-pie looks to be shrunk further. Eventually, it boils down to their customers who will either make or break the company. Remember, regardless of who you are, you only have one chance to make a good first impression.

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One thought on “Krispy Kreme in Singapore – Hole-in-One?

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