#SgEatWithUs Carnival – The Good Old Days

UPDATE: In concurrence with the state funeral of Singapore’s former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew on 29th March 2015, the carnival has been rescheduled to 14th June 2015. More information will be issued in due time via #SgEatWithUs’ Facebook Page and website.

Home-cooked food and family recipes (among other scheduled programmes) take centre stage at the upcoming #SgEatWithUs Carnival, with the theme “The Good Old Days”. Events like these are an encouraging step forward in promoting local food and its continuity.

Unfortunately, free tickets for the event (which, from what I understand, entitles the ticket-holder to a door gift) have been snapped up completely, but the event is still open to the public. Additionally, any door gifts which remain unclaimed by 3.30pm local time will be allocated to the general public on a first-come-first-serve basis.

#SgEatWithUs Carnival - The Good Old Days
Date: 14th June 2015
Venue: The Plaza at the National Library
(100 Victoria Street, Singapore 188064)
Time: 2pm to 5pm

More information can be found on #SgEatWithUs' Facebook Page and website.

90 Shades Of Toast


Popping Corn Kernels

Here are snippets of some pretty remarkable stuff – which otherwise would have been missed if not for super-slow-motion video cameras.

Credit: ForGIFs

A related video by The Slow Mo Guys:

The Maillard Reaction – An Infographic


The full article on this chemical reaction that contributes to our food’s additional depths of flavour (think of that lovely seared outer crust on your steak) can be found here. Also available from the folks at Compound Interest are more food-chemistry infographics. Definitely bookmarking that site!

The Famous “Rooster Sauce”

The gastronomically-inclined in North America rave about this must-have “legendary” condiment in an almost cult-like fashion. I’ve seen it in cookbooks and on numerous cooking shows. But I’ve only had it once before (it tastes like the garlic chilli sauce from Singapore’s chain of McDonald’s (which, some say, is actually Sinsin Garlic Chilli Sauce), sans the pungent kick of garlic) on a burger I put together in the not-so-distant past. I find it to be quite OK; but nothing to go crazy over (and I soon hear a unison of mortified gasps in the distance along with cries for punishment to be meted out against an alleged offence of “hot sauce heresy”).

So, as the army of die-hard Sriracha aficionados assemble to propose stronger plans for a baptisim-by-hot-sauce ritual (of which will soon be bestowed – most likely by brute force – upon yours truly), I shall leave you with this short video by the folks from Hypebeast (they do food too?!) about the humble beginnings of a now well-established and revered American food icon.

(There’s even a documentary about this much-celebrated hot sauce!)


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