Intermarché – “Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables”

Talk about judging a book by it’s cover, it’s truly amazing how much we tend to look at things (and often, at human beings) at a superficial level.

But on the bright side; fruits and vegetables going for 30% cheaper, with just as much nutrients and vitamins as their more “visually appealing” counterparts? A win in my book, for sure.



Recent Reads

How To Eat Out - Giles CorenFresh Off The Boat - Eddie Huang

Recently finished these two books by two rather outspoken individuals. Interesting reads, but not recommended for those who are offended by or unfamiliar with “colourful” vocabulary.

(Images of book covers from

Updates… And Food-Related News and Articles

First and foremost, I humbly apologise for the month-long absence. In a nutshell; reservist obligations are done (for this year, at least – I hope), and Ramadan is drawing to a close – which means Eid is just around the corner. I’ll be expecting company in the form of great food and equally great family members. Stay tuned for photos and stories; but mainly photos of food.

For now, here are some food-related news and articles from around the globe…

McDonald’s, KFC in China Face New Food Scandal (China)

Blogger Fined US$3400 for Her Negative Restaurant Review (France)

Go Cashless at Hawker Centres (Singapore)

Penang Moves to Stop Foreigners as ‘Main Cooks’ of Local Dishes (Malaysia)

Restaurant Watches Old Surveillance and Shares Shocking Results on Craigslist (USA)

Street Snaps

A street food vendor selling a variety of gorengan (deep fried snacks) and ice-cold beverages at Masjid Tanah, Malacca, Malaysia – May/June 2014.

Cracks = Character

Here’s what you get when there’s an abundance of flour and chocolate chips in the kitchen cabinets (along with other accompanying ingredients, of course).

Chocolate Chip Cookies



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